Youth league


First things, first...

Our youth archery program is FREE.

Yep, you read that correctly.  There are no membership requirements; meaning a parent doesn’t have to belong to the club for the child to participate for free.  It’s just FREE.

We offer our youth archery program at no cost because our club firmly believes that kids are the next generation of our sport.  And getting them interested in archery early goes a long ways to holding their interest in archery later in life whether that be for hunting or just fun target shooting.

Our club has youth-sized bows that your child can use when they’re first trying their hand at archery so that mom or dad don’t have to incur any up-front expense.  If your child determines they really like archery, by all means, feel free to buy them their own equipment.  

Beginning Shooters

These are our youngest shooters.  They’re learning the fundamentals of shooting a bow and arrow.  Our instructors will help your child learn how to safely handle the equipment. They’ll also learn the proper foot placement, how to hold the bow and how to aim.

These shooters typically shoot at targets 5 yards away.  No scores are kept, but fun is at a maximum.

If your child is young (age 8 or younger) and never done archery, this is where they should begin.

Intermediate Shooters

These shooters are bit older than, or have more experience than, our beginning shooters.  They know the fundamentals and are working on honing their skills.  Our instructors will give them continued guidance and tips to better themselves.

These shooters typically shoot at targets 10 yards away.  Archers are scored and handicapped.

If your child has some experience with archery, or is a bit older and can learn the fundamentals quickly, this is the group for them.

Mentored Shooters

These shooters are our oldest, most experienced, youth shooters.  These archers are participating in a special program offered by the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission that helps young hunters hone their skills under the guidance of an experienced, veteran hunter.

The Mentored Youth Archery Program is open to Bowhunter Education graduates who are 12 to 17 years old, who have not yet graduated from high school.

For more information ask one of the youth instructors or visit the NGPC website.


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youth outdoor league

What, Where, When, Etc

What: Youth Outdoor Summer League

When: June 11, 2024 through July 30, 2024 – (June 4 Canceled due to weather!)
Days/Time: Tuesdays at 6pm – done by 8pm
Where: Larry Elston Archery Range at Schramm State Park

There will be instructors for beginners as well as a 20 target walk-thru for more experiences shooters. A parent or guardian must accompany the youth.