"Keep shooting..."

Lower platte archery club

The member’s outdoor adult league will begin Wednesday 4/7/2021 at 6pm at the Larry Elston Archery Range

Due to COVID, summer league will begin with abbreviated league nights.  We will only shoot the permanent targets in the woods (no 3-D’s at this time).  After we have a chance to gauge the interest and discuss with the fellow members, we may start bringing the 3-D targets later this summer.

Our Activities

Adult Leagues

We offer indoor league in the winter months and outdoor league during the summer. We typically don't offer leagues during the fall hunting seasons.

Youth Leagues

We offer youth indoor leagues two nights a week in the winter months and outdoor league one night a week during the summer. We even have equipment your kid can use so you don't experience any cost while they figure out if archery is something they enjoy!!