Adult league


Larry Elston Archery Range

The summer league takes place at the Larry Elston Archery Range at Schramm State Park. Because the range is on a state park, a current Nebraska state park permit is required.

The range offers practice targets staggered in 10 yard distances from 10 yards to 60 yards. These targets are great for sighting-in your bow or taking practice shots before league shooting begins.

The first 11 targets of the course are 3D targets that are placed each week by club volunteers. The remaining 19 targets are stationary targets in the timber of the park. Stakes are placed in different locations each week to add variety to the weekly course.

League members can shoot an optional bionic turkey for a 10 point bonus. Hit the vital area and you get 10 points. Hit the metal silhouette of the turkey and you'll probably break your arrow.

The club doesn't have any organized leagues during the fall allowing our members to focus their time on hunting.

What, Where, When, Etc
  What: Summer League
When: April through mid-August
Day/Time: Wednesdays at 6pm
Where: Larry Elston Archery Range at Schramm State Park


What, Where, When, Etc

What: Winter League
When: January through mid-March
Day/Time: Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Where: 820 Burns St, Gretna, NE (old co-op building)

Indoor Range
The winter league takes place at the club’s indoor range. We shoot a “Vegas 300” style target competition consisting of 10 ends with 3 arrows each with a maximum score of 300. Members are scored and handicapped.  Statistics are updated each week on this website. After the 10th end, members can participate in an extra ‘fun round’. The particular rules and strategies for this last round varies from week-to-week.  This round doesn’t count towards your week’s score and is strictly for fun.